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Building a functional website.

Sometimes it’s not enough to have a strong brand and great reputation if an integral element of your business is underperforming. Dan Harvey from Vic Joinery Supplies in South Geelong engage Evolution to create a highly informative website to ultimately act as their best sales person.

The aim of Vic Joinery’s new website was to provide their customers with an extensive overview of their products and services, detailing sizes, colours, suggested uses and technical information. When people arrive at the site, Dan wanted them to easily order a sample of specific products, so we created a custom ‘order a sample’ form to sit at the top of every page.

The benefit of using WordPress as a platform to build this website is its flexibility and usability into the future. Dan’s new website is easily updated and edited as his product range grows and his business expands into new areas.

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The challenge of this project was creating transforming this new site into a mobile friendly and responsive website. Our designers and developers worked closely to make sure the functionality wasn’t compromised.

Evolution is thrilled to be involved in regular design work for Vic Joinery including product brochures, order forms, stickers and many more items so that the Vic Joinery brand is seen as a consistently across all media and marketing.

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