the spotted owl

Bringing sophistication to your next coffee.

Armed with a well-known brand name and mascot, The Spotted Owl, a quaint, but popular cafe in sunny Sunbury, came to Evolution looking to refresh but no re-invent their logo. Making a feature of the original illustration, we worked closely with the team to choose a new font and layout combination for the brand.

The aim was to bring some subtle sophistication to the café as they moved into being a classy restaurant at night and cosy café during the day. We drew inspiration from bronze and gold tones printed with a shiny foil to give the restaurant an edge, whereas during the day, the café uses a monotone black logo on recycled timber.

Visiting the café you can see it’s a popular local spot to be at all times of the day. The new branding gives The Spotted Owl an opportunity to refresh their space and plan for the future with a versatile brand they can add colour and texture to easily and adapt for their needs.

project details

clientthe spotted owl cafe
servicesbrand redesign
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