Scotts Accountants

Valued Accountants.

Building a business requires many things, but one of the most important is a set of values to not only set staff culture, but to ensure you conduct business in a progressive and positive way. Business values form the back bone of any company and we were delighted when Scotts Accountants in Newtown approached us to bring a bit of life to their core values.

Our designers worked with their current logo, colours and brand fonts to create a fresh representation of the company values that they can proudly display in the foyer of their offices. We worked hard to format the information rich values with our Graphic Design skills so that everything was legible and articulated properly.

Each value is accompanied by a carefully chosen icon that we felt represented the message visually. For these values we designed and printed a pull up banner for display in their offices, as well as an A3 poster for use in meeting and interview rooms to ensure all staff are on board and representing the company right.

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