Pod Addiction

Environmentally friendly coffee.

Bringing delicious locally roasted coffee to the table was only part of the journey. The four founding women of Pod Addiction are on a mission to bring sustainable coffee options to the table, and look good while doing it. Entering the now saturated Coffee Capsule market is a big task, but when your unique selling point is biodegradable, Australian made coffee then you might just be on to a winner.

Pod Addiction was created as a branding exercise – the product already existed, we needed a platform to build the brand on. Taking on a fun, cheeky and bold approach, the logo started to take form through initial black and white concept work. Once the stand out logo was solidified, we moved onto building brand elements to compliment the mark and back up the strong environmental messages.

Evolution was tasked with creating everything from brand design, to social media covers, promotional flyers, to packaging and website design and development.

Order some delicious specialty coffee, have it delivered to your door and be environmentally friendly while you do it – what a win!

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project details

clientPod Addiction Specialty Coffee
servicesLogo Design
Website Design & Development
Packaging Design
date2018 - 2019
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