Outback Performing Arts

Bringing arts education to you.

Chantelle and Benji, the passionate duo behind this wonderful venture came to Evolution for assistance in creating an eye catching and unique logo to represent them on their travels. Outback Performing Arts brings performing arts education to rural and remote regions of Australia. They want to bring more opportunities to kids in these remote areas and show them how rewarding involvement in the arts can be as a creative outlet.

Armed with a basic concept of incorporating an iconic Aussie animal and a map of Australia, Evolution helped them to bring this illustrative logo to life. We worked on gathering inspiration for the illustrative style and vision Chantelle and Benji had to ensure we were creating a logo they would fall in love with.

The result was a smart looking Frill Neck Lizard on full alert accompanied by relaxed typography. The challenge of this project was subtly incorporating the map of Australia into the lizards frill so to not make it too much of a feature and distract from the hero of the design.

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