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Celebrating the good stuff.

Amanda and Bianca, the dynamic duo behind Little Goat Coffee Roasters, approached Evolution to refresh their logo and create a stellar website presence for their roasting business. Bouncing off their obvious passion for a good cup of coffee, Evolution was asked to design a site that would showcase not only their speciality products but also the story behind the cup.

The website design focused on clean lines and white space to leave the imagery to take centre stage. Looking to push the boundaries and create a truly unique website, our developers worked hard to create moving elements and custom drop-down order forms to make purchasing your next cup of coffee so much easier. An intricate WooCommerce WordPress site, the variety and potential combinations of products available blew our minds.


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Focusing on their mantra of ‘celebrating the 42 hands it takes to make a beautiful cup of coffee’, we then went on to design packaging labels for their hand roasted blends and single origin beans to pack a punch on the shelf. We continue to work very closely with Amanda and Bianca in a collaborative workspace allowing us to be a part of the Little Goat Coffee brand’s growth. Currently, we are working on tasting cards to accompany orders that double as brew method instructors, making your experience with Little Goat Coffee one to remember.

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