Jed Cafe

Food that is good for your body.

Rebranding to better show that Jed cafe if built around growing, sourcing and serving food that is good for your body, no matter it’s needs. Jed approached Evolution to help realign their business with their branding so their personality shines through nice and strong. The branding team here at Evolution worked closely with Jed to rediscover their vision, mission and values as well as refreshing their iconic logo to round it out. Jed’s new branding highlights their focus on having a green thumb when it comes to sourcing the freshest and healthiest ingredients for their chefs to work with.

It was refreshing to work on such a wholesome brand where we could explore the use of modern photography, texture and beautiful type. We are still working closely with Jeds, continuing to refine their brand personality while they grow their business into the company of their dreams. Stay tuned to see their brand grow!

project details

clientJeds cafe and bar
servicesbrand creation
graphic design
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