Jed Cafe

Food that is good for your body.

Targeting a growing market of foodies that want to nourish and feed their bodies with the best food for them, Jackie from Jed Café in Gisbourne came to Evolution to rebrand her beloved business and help her grow into expanding the business in to a wine bar.

Jed Café is built on growing, sourcing and serving predominantly paleo and gluten free foods that are good for your body, no matter it’s needs. The Evolution team worked closely with Jackie, taking her through a branding workshop to narrow down and clearly define Jed’s vision, mission and values in order to create a brand that really spoke to and engaged the target audience.

Something that was already iconic for the Jed brand was the circular red logo so we refreshed the logo and built some supporting elements to communicate their brand values. Jed’s new branding highlights their focus on having a green thumb when it comes to sourcing the freshest and healthiest ingredients for their chefs to work with.

Beginning with redesigning the menu, we went on to create business cards, loyalty cards and professional email signatures for Jackie and her hard working team. It was refreshing to work on such a wholesome brand where we could explore the use of modern photography, texture and beautiful type.

project details

clientJeds cafe and bar
servicesbrand creation
graphic design
stationery design
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