Emma Inglis

Emma Inglis is a Myotherapist is the Geelong region, creating extraordinary health in every client.

Approaching Evolution in 2016, Emma requested a simple logo to be designed that fell into alignment with her approach to treatment. The focus of Emma’s Myotherapy treatments are building immense health and wellbeing for each client. Myotherapy works by treating the source of the problem, not the symptoms, and these features influence the brand’s design.

As part of Emma’s logo design package, application elements included letterhead, business card, magnet and gift voucher design. In recognition of strong brands being consistently represented across all pieces, the extension of the Emma Inglis Myotheraphy brand utilised sweeping circular shapes and shades of green as a simple backdrop to the information.

project details

client emma inglis myotherapy
servicesbrand design
stationery design & printing
date2016 - 2017
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