Courtney Baker Naturopath

Good for your soul.

Logo’s communicate a lot about your brand’s personality. Courtney was feeling a disconnect between her current logo and the way she delivered her services so she engaged Evolution’s Design team to delve further into her style and pin point a visual style to reflect that better.

We worked with Courtney to understand and articulate her brands the target market, the brand personality characteristics and the competitive circle it would sit in. From mood board inspiration through to design concept stages, Courtney was involved, taking time to let each concept and idea sink and to see how it felt to her.

Once a decision was made, our designers filled the brand with colour, applied it across some stationery items and supplied Courtney with a bunch of final files she could use on all applications in the future.

project details

clientCourtney Baker Naturopath
servicesLogo Design (Bronze Package)
Stationery Design & Printing
launch dateOctober 2019
03 5222 3328
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