Cormac Photography

Straight shooter.

Experienced local photographer Cormac Hanrahan wanted to boost his presence in the commercial and lifestyle photography industry and rightly decided that a brand refresh was the best place to start. Having worked with Cormac on projects before, we understood Cormac’s personal and business personality so were able to identify the right style and components for his new brand.

Sticking to his roots, Cormac asked Evolution to create a clean, simple and professional logo that reflected his style. We drew inspiration from other well-known photographers as well as boutique typographic brands. Then focusing on a purely typographic approach, we chose a font that was strong and clean allowing the brand to present as a professional and confident business.

Cormac’s new logo was deliberately simple because it is intended to be used on the inside cover or back of publications his work appears in. This collaboration work is his focus, working with large companies like Zoo’s Victoria on the marketing collateral and internal annual reports.

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clientCormac Hanrahan
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Graphic Design
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