Barwon Valley School

Growing the minds of tomorrow.

The wonderful people at Barwon Valley School approached Evolution to refresh their School logo to better represent their students and embrace their new School motto. Barwon Valley School creates a safe and supportive environment for its students to flourish and be the best they can be. It’s this passion for the students that we wanted to reflect in their new logo.

Our brief was to help the students connect with their school and for them to have an input into the logo design. A few students were asked to draw what the school meant to them and we tried to incorporate some of those gems into the logo.

It was challenging to create a design that had to communicate so much, to so many people but, together we designed something that everyone could understand and enjoy. We provided the School with several options incorporating different image elements including stars, a bee and a kite. It was decided that the stars represented the students outlook the best.

The main logo mark for the School is a circular mark with a valley scene in the centre. The logo needed to appear on many items and in many formats so, we created three different version of the logo, one the circular mark, one for smaller use with just the stars and one for very small use that dropped the ‘be the best you can be’ tagline. This ensure that the logo was legible at all sizes and in all applications of the brand.

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