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Best described as the perfect hybrid between computer nerd and sports jock, Josh has always been an avid problem solver, with a creative twist.

Josh’s passion for playing sports and video games runs through his blood, and evident since he was a little tacker!

Josh joined the Evolution team at the beginning of 2019 with 4 years of web development experience under his belt, and a background in developing for the Hospitality, Civil Construction and Health Care industries.

However, Josh is not just any coder.. his Marketing and SEO knowledge and skills are also quite impressive!

When you combine his social skills, with his keen customer focused problem-solving ability Josh brings a personality like no other to his Web Developer position here at Evolution.

Josh is also self-taught in many complimentary areas to his role here, including 3D animation and video editing.


  • Certificate IV in Web Technologies Holmesglen

What is your best personality trait?
Open-Minded. There’s never a silly question or idea, I love exploring new things and options.

What is your Favourite food?
Home-made Crumbed Chicken.

What is your favourite movie?
Hercules (I’m a big Disney kid).

What is something notable someone wouldn’t know upon meeting you?
I meditate quite often.

What are your best / biggest achievements?
Successfully pursuing a career and progressing in my field of work.
Producing a cover of one of my favourite songs.
Watching my little boy grow into an amazing person.

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