Social media management

Yes, we are designers and yes, we like to spend our time talking about colours and analysing every piece of design we see, but we are also qualified marketers and really really love (I mean really love) social media. We can oversee the management of flawless, consistent and engaging Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, which are our one true love. Our own Instagram account is a wonderful insight to us, our people and our brand (follow us and see what we mean).

On top of offering awesomely effective marketing strategies, we can design and create social media templates for you to use so that you present your best foot forward and your online presence is super consistent with your brand. You would never use someone else photo as your profile picture, so why present a brand that isn’t yours in every way, shape or pixel?

If you’re really not up with all the lingo of social media, or you simply cannot fit in the time to post anything around the gym, kids, work, drinks with the girls and Netflix, then we are here to save the day (again!). As part of your Flight Plan and marketing strategy, we will establish a monthly marketing content schedule that will outline how many posts a week is optimum for your brand and your audience. Our standard social media management pack offers 3 posts per week, designed, created and scheduled to hit publish automatically (look mum, no hands!) – how wiz bang is that? On top of this, we will also monitor your accounts and perform any maintenance it needs to keep it running at an optimum pace, and acting as your best sales member on staff.

social management

What you get:

Two platforms:

Facebook & Instagram

Social media templates designed for consistency

Instagram/Facebook monthly content schedule

Instagram & Facebook:
3 posts per week

Maintenance and monitoring of page

$810 p/mth +GST

Additional platforms
from $150 p/mth + GST

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