Should I purchase a WordPress Theme?

Author: Evolution Design Agency
February 14, 2020

Let’s talk about WordPress themes.

WordPress is (by far) the most popular platform to build a website on. We love it and every site we build uses it.

WordPress is a powerful and flexible website system.

What makes it so flexible is that it doesn’t come jam-packed with a million features that you may never use. That’s why we have plugins, so that we can add the features we want.

Unless of course you go ahead and install a pre-built template that has infinite (well almost) options, buttons and effects and is jam-packed with all the ‘stuff’ (read junk) that’s going to slow it down.

Yes, these themes come with a heap of (unnecessary) customisation options, and features, but also a heck of a lot of code to facilitate this, which clutters your site speed.

Clutter inducing code doesn’t only affect the novices who download a hot new theme and build the website themselves….

This can also happen when you ‘buy’ a website from a rogue ‘web designer’ or ‘web developer’ who really doesn’t design or develop the site at all, but rather selects a pre-built template for you and modifies it to suit your brand.

Of course, more often than not they will not tell you they’re using a chunky theme, and will fob it off as a quality site and still attach a ‘quality site’ price tag to encourage you to think they put in the work, but don’t be fooled. This is unfortunately common in our industry.

Red flags are:

  • Not having in-house designers and developers (note this can rarely be a single person as designers and developers require very separate skills sets and parts of the brain to actually conduct their work).
  • Not being provided with a PDF of the design or the opportunity to make design changes BEFORE you see the site development link
  • All their example sites look similar

Rule of thumb is, avoid the red flags and select a provider with in-house designers and developers, just like us! We don’t use templates – we design every single website from scratch.

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