Facebook Tip: Sharing a Post from Your Business Page to a Group

Author: Evolution Design Agency
May 18, 2015

It’s important to first understand the difference between a Facebook ‘profile’ and a ‘page’.

Here is a run down on the basic differences between a Facebook ‘profile’ and a ‘page’.

Facebook Profile – This who you are on Facebook, it will typically include your name, photo, birth date and various other self identifying information. Here you will add friends, friends will add you. Depending on your privacy settings these Facebook friends will see particular details about you, your connections, activity and your Facebook posts.They may ‘like’ your posts and comment on your posts. Depending on your privacy settings they may also share posts. If they do share your posts the privacy setting would have to be set to ‘Public’ for the posts to be visible to those who are not your Facebook friends (or friends of friends depending on your privacy settings).

It is important to note that you would not create a Facebook Profile for your business, because the only way of connecting with your business would be for others to ‘Add you as a friend” and they would then share all their personal information with you, and vice versa. This isn’t information we usually want to share with those we do business with.

Facebook Page – This is created for your business. Prospective and current customers will “like” your page and interact with your posts, they may share comment and like your posts if they are engaging and from there a professional connection can be made. They may also share your posts, it’s important to note that all posts on a Facebook page are public.

Facebook Groups – For many business owners wanting to represent their business in a group can be challenging. People on facebook can join groups via their Facebook Profile however businesses cannot join groups via their Facebook Page. Networking groups are common on Facebook. As a business owner on Facebook when you are in a group and want to mention your businesses Facebook Page it can be challenging! … Here is how to do it…

Here are five simple steps to sharing a post from your business page to a group on Facebook

Note: This is done via your mobile device – using the Facebook Pages App.

Step One: On your Facebook page scroll to the post you wish to share and click on ‘Share’

Step Two: Select ‘Share…’ (as pictured below)

Step Three: At the top of the next screen you will see ‘Share on Your Timeline’ and the option to ‘Tap to Change’ the location of where you want to share the post.

Step Four: Simply select ‘Share in a Group’, and choose the page or group where you wish to share the post (destination).

Step Five: Write an intro and press ‘Post’ it will then appear on your selected destination 🙂 Done!

From your mobile it looks a little different but the process is the same.


I trust this helps make marketing your business in Facebook Groups and other Facebook Pages easier!



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