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We kick some major website butts here at Evolution, being the go-to agency for WordPress Website Design & Development in Geelong.

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Website Design & Development SEO & Google Ads Website Support & Maintenance Hosting & Domain Name Management

WordPress is our one true love because it is hands down the best (and most popular) platform ever. WordPress allows us to provide you with the VIP treatment and create an amazingly unique website that at the end of the day, you are 100% happy with. Each website is designed to grow with you and WordPress makes that process as easy as pressing play on your next episode on Netflix.

Being an intuitive platform, we honestly believe that you will be able to pick it up quicker than you can say discombobulate and continue to update your website yourself. We provide training sessions that give you all the skills you need to make basic text edits, add pages or change images.

Our team also have their Google Marketing Platform Certifications so we can handle all your Google My Business, Google Listing and marketing needs!

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graphic design

Graphic Design is what we do. It’s what we’re good at and it underpins the rest of the awesome ‘visual’ services we provide.

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Graphic Design

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years here in Geelong. Anything from simple text and graphics to super intricate designs to completely awesome advertising campaigns, we can provide you with the best solutions for the job. Our team take great pride in creating professional designs that you simply will not get elsewhere. Plus we’re all qualified marketers so we understand the must do and the must don’ts when it comes to designing to your target market in a consistent and enticing way.

We are passionate about providing high quality designs to directly reflect your business image and message perfectly. As part of our process we research our butts off, collate all our inspiration, and  get to work on imagining something new and unique for your design.

logo’s & branding

Is your logo leaving you, or your customers, with those intensely warm feelings of pride? No?

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Logos & Branding Brand Creation

One major role of your branding is accurately reflecting your company’s identity. We’ve all seen those logos that give absolutely no indication of the business’s main service, I’m looking at you Apple, but what they lack in their logo they more than make up for in marketing and design. Your brand must speak directly to you target audience, engaging them enough to open their wallets and throw money at you (we wish).

Your brand might be people’s first and most lasting impressions so don’t pull a funny face because the wind might change. Everywhere your brand is seen should be consistent. This is paramount to beating your logo and name into people’s brains to make them remember you above everyone else. Here at Evolution, we use our exceptional creativity skills to explore a variety of concepts and solutions that are uniquely crafted to suit your business. You will be able to work one-on-one with our crazy qualified in-house design team to create your brand, analyse your competition and design a one of a kind logo.


We start with mission discovery, we create a solid flight plan, we launch it into space and we report on the mission’s success.

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Social Media Management SEO & Google Ads Digital Marketing Training

At Evolution can tailor a unique marketing solution to your business needs and develop a practical strategy to achieve success. With carefully curated resources, we can provide you with the skills to develop strong knowledge and a clear understanding of the direction you want to go.

We can provide monthly management of your marketing and social accounts, or provide you (and your team) some DIY training. Not only that, but we can update your website, set up email marketing, work some SEO magic on the web and pretty much anything else you can think of. Leave it to us, we will customise solutions to suit your company, giving you more time to focus on what you do best!

Our team also have their Google Marketing Platform Certifications so we can handle all your Google My Business, Google Listing and marketing needs!

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We really are your one stop shop when it comes to anything design.

We know your already impressed by what we can offer you, but let me tell you, it gets even better. We at Evolution design can get your amazing design printed and on your doorstep in 7 days or less. Yes, that’s right, we are the best. We understand the importance of having all your branding consistent (if you haven’t realised already) and the one thing we cringe at the most is having beautiful designs printed poorly. You won’t see that here, no sir-y. We make sure that we offer the best printing service we can provide to make sure your identity isn’t compromised.

Our prices are fantastic, trust us. We make sure they are the best for our customers because we want to look after you until the end.

Ready to launch the next phase of your business? Let’s help you with the take-off.

Are you ready to evolve? One of the things that fuels us for the day ahead is starting a new project. We love getting to know your problem and creating an individual solution. We have an incredible graphic design team right here in Geelong, waiting and ready to take your calls, answer your emails and shake your hand to show you the difference we can make to your business.

We are here to hold your hand, and help lead you in the right direction.

If you are stuck in a rut and your company isn’t achieving its goals or fielding calls from new customers all day then you need a hand. We can help you refresh your brand and bring it into this century, or maybe just give it a facelift with some new colours with our graphic design skills. One of our most impressive talents is redefining your vision and setting some new goals to make that difference you need to get motived, and push forward in your industry.

Our complete marketing strategy services are what they say they are. Complete.

We can handle everything from naming your business to handling your social media accounts. Not much is out of our reach and we strive to be a full-service agency that can solve any problem you have (within reason, we’re not doctors). We can design you a spiffy new website that you will not see anywhere else. There are no stock themes here, we make everything from scratch, including our scrumptious brownies. Your website will be designed and developed to the pixel, and can be optimised to rank better on google. Not only can we provide all your hosting needs, we can also provide support from right here in Geelong.

But our talents don’t finish there, our graphic design services cover a multitude of printed goods that we can even print for you. We have sourced the best printers that deliver the highest quality goods in a decently quick time frame. Every project can benefit from a little design refining, so send it our way and we will whip it into shape in no time.

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