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Everyone wants their website to come up first on google, and it probably does when you type in your business name, but how often do people search for your business name to find out what it is that you do? Generally, it’s the other way around. Customers will open google and type in what they’re thinking, what they need – could be anything. Where is your website now? Is it even on the first page of the google results? This is where search engine marketing steps in, takes over and gives you a boost over the fence.

Search Engine Optimization is a process which markets and works a website, so that it receives higher numbers in traffic, more conversions and more sales. It is the process of making your website rank higher in search engines like Google™, resulting in more traffic, more enquiries and lots of new customers!

Maintaining a high ranking long term requires an ongoing strategy. SEO does take time, it’s not an overnight fix. Google doesn’t work this way. You see better results if you commit to search engine marketing long term, to ensure you see benefits that are well worth the wait. We can even sort out the rest of your marketing needs to fit in nicely with your new found brand exposure.

The good news is, not only do we offer SEO services on all new websites, our team of experts can also work our SEO magic on established websites to increase your chances of being seen. If you are interested in our SEO workshops give us a call and we can give you some more information.


what you’ll get

One-on One training Session:

Learn what SEO is all about

Understand terminology

Practice techniques to improve your website ranking

Learn the do’s and do not’s

Save money, DIY your own SEO

Debunk and overcome the mysteries of SEO

Google Analytics overview

Keyword research


How to blog for SEO

Put into practice what you’ve learned, while our team guide you! Save thousands implementing the basics yourself!

$920 + GST

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Search Engine Optimisation

what you’ll get

Local 20 Keyword SEO Package

Keyword research

Target page allocation

Meta titles & descriptions

Optimisation of images

Optimising existing content to maximise results

Writing an additional (up to) 2500 words of content per month

Set up & monitor Google analytics & webmaster tools

Article publishing (reputable sites only)

Google indexing

Back linking (reputable sites only)

Monthly reports

Dedicated account manager

From $600 + GST p/mth

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Google Ad Management

what you’ll get

Instant advertising

Schedule adverts to your hours

No contracts with Google™

Target certain areas and demographics

5 Ad Groups Package

Google Ads

Keyword Research

Campaign management

Contact Form tracking

Call tracking (optional)

30 min phone/email support per month

Monthly reports on conversions and leads

+ you decide on your daily or monthly budget of AdWords spend (you pay this directly to Google)

From $500 + GST p/mth

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