WordPress Updates…Guttenberg is here.

Author: Evolution Design Agency
October 23, 2018

Everybody loves updated software – where it’s on your phone or on your computer. Often we can’t really tell what’s been updated because it’s all behind the scenes, or labelled as ‘bug fixes’ – don’t you love that term? Well our good pals at WordPress have thrown a spanner in the works, and let us know that they are planning a MAJOR upgrade in their next version of WordPress.

When I say everyone loves updated software – I mean we love it until it doesn’t work. And when it doesn’t work, we want our old software back so badly we would literally do anything to get it back. Evolution’s developers are predicting that this exact feeling will be creeping across the internet in the near future.

Welcome to Guttenberg editor.

The designers here at Evolution got a bit excited when they saw the new layout and features that Guttenberg brings to the back end of all WordPress websites. It’s all shiny and modern, why wouldn’t we love it!? But it seems our developers had their sensible hats on and have discovered that there is still a fair bit of testing to complete (by WordPress) to fix major compatibility issues with some hugely popular features and plug ins.

We asked our developers for their opinion on the nervously anticipated WordPress updates and this is what they had to say:


This notification will pop up in the dashboard area of your WordPress site when you log in. For now, please do not install Guttenberg, just ignore or dismiss it for now.

For nearly all of our clients, you don’t have to worry – if we handle your website support, we will handle the smooth WordPress upgrade of your website to the new version, ensuring all current features are supported and working. We plan to introduce Guttenberg Editor to websites slowly, and only when we’re sure it will work. (You won’t miss out on the other benefits of the update though – we plan to simply install the old/current editing interface to the new software – easy!)

For those who have a WordPress website, custom built or with a Theme, and are not on one of our support packages – be very careful.

The Guttenberg editor comes standard with version 5.0 of WordPress, which hasn’t been released yet but may cause your website to mal function and look terrible.

If you have the following on your website, these sections and features may not work if your upgrade:

  • WooCommerce (online store)
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Mail chimp (in testing mode)

These and more are still in testing mode and we hope their issues are resolved prior to launch. WordPress are estimating there are around 4500 plugins remaining to test, so we may be waiting a while for a final result. You can see the full list of plugin compatibilities here: https://plugincompat.danielbachhuber.com/

WordPress are taking the front foot with these issues and have released the Beta version of Guttenberg for everyone to test out before launch.

However, PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL THE BETA VERSION TO YOUR SITE. There are notifications on the dashboard of your WordPress site that asks you to trial the editor, but we are strongly advising you to let the professionals do the testing (and breaking) so they can fix it for us all before we trial it!

In a good show of faith, WordPress have created a space where people can lodge their incompatibility issues. They can then “Proactively educate WordPress users on whether or not their WordPress installation is ready for Guttenberg”.

While our developers are not looking forward to the release (due to the time set aside for a lot of troubleshooting!) the rest of us are excited for this next phase of WordPress updates and hope that it works as smoothly as it can.


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