A Day in the Life of…. Web developer Tony

Author: Evolution Design Agency
April 17, 2018

On the day’s I come into the Evolution Design studio, my day begins early with my wife dropping me at the train station to make my journey from Richmond to Geelong. After catching up on the latest news on some interesting websites on my laptop, I disembark at Geelong station and walk to the office via Moo Mouth for my (second) morning coffee and breakfast of a ham and cheese toastie.

Once I’m fuelled up, I ease into the day by sorting through my emails. Lisa, Em and I meet to discuss what the priority jobs are for the day.

First up on this particular day, Emily has finished the designs for the Enjoy Glenroy’s new trader directory website . This means I can now start creating a functioning site from the approved layout.

We spent the morning going through each section. As a web developer it’s important to research how the website works. For example, clicking each button and finding what happens once it’s clicked, and where it will take the user.  Once we ensure the user experience is optimal on desktop, we discuss mobile and tablet versions of the site. Once particulars are complete, I review the list of required features and identify plugins and add-ons that must be installed. I then know how long it will take to develop.

Being a web developer, I set the delivery date and schedule all the work in our project management software. This will automatically schedule time in each day to ensure deadlines are met. From here, I can monitor my progress and so can the rest of the team. Whether I’m in the office, on the train or back at home, via the app. Once I’m happy with the schedule, I start the web development phase. This starts by creating a WordPress site on a sub-domain on our internal servers. This helps keep it from Google and the public’s view.

For lunch, I take a walk to Westfield. I can’t go past Schnitz for my usual order of a simple chicken schnitzel and small chips.

Once I’m back in the office I spend the afternoon working on Enjoy Glenroy’s custom website. This entails transforming their design (by Emily our lead designer) into a fully functioning unique WordPress website theme, as well as anything else that has popped up in the system to remind me to work on. At 4pm I make my way back to the train station to start the journey home again, but my work day often doesn’t finish then.

After business hours, usually after 7pm I begin checking on the website clients in our latest round of quarterly update packages. As a web developer I perform any updates the site requires to its operating system, plug ins and functions. It’s important to double check to see that the site is still working as per normal, and nothing has changed during the updates. Once completed, we send out a report to each client on the status of their site and results from the upgrade, highlighting any issues they need to be aware of.

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