A day in the life of…..Emily

Author: Evolution Design Agency
February 23, 2018

As designers, I think we can confidently say that while we are creative day in and day out, no two days really are the same. Each day may have common tasks and we may not move very far from our desks (does the kitchen count?) but we generally work on something completely different every day.

For me, this morning started with a quick walk and some power yoga to get the blood pumping and the mind clear. i started the working day with a bottle of water and several emails in my inbox. Once filed and flagged, I checked Monday.com to see where my projects are at and began my tasks for the day. This morning, they included adding content to and altering a one page flyer for Strata Solutions Geelong, coming up with some ideas for Complete Constructions new stationery, to match their new website, and coordinating a delivery date for Concreters Warehouse new development website.

After a short walk in the summer sun and satay noodles for lunch, I’m back into work for an afternoon of marketing. On the schedule for today is planning the social media, blogging and mail out posts for the first half of 2018. After doing my research and looking at the stats, I laid out a plan for each month that shows which blogs could be posted and which mail outs match each topic. In between answering calls and scrolling through Pinterest, I spend the afternoon planning and scheduling while coming up with ideas for an Instagram post for Australia Day – keep up to date with Evolutions Insta to see what I came up with!

I finish the day by sending my latest designs to Lisa for review and comment so I can send them off to eager clients tomorrow.

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