A day in the life of…..Emily

Author: Evolution Design Agency
February 23, 2018

As designers, I think we can confidently say that while we are creative day in and day out, no two days really are the same. Each day may have common tasks and we may not move very far from our desks (does the kitchen count?) but we generally work on something completely different every day.

For me, today started with an early morning walk with my Kelpie Yuki to get some fresh air and get my body moving for the day ahead. After a leisurely breakfast and designated time for social media scrolling, I get dressed and head into the studio for a creative day ahead. Once my inbox is filed and flagged, I checked Monday.com to see which projects are on my list for the day and how the rest of the team is tracking.

First on today is finishing the layout of new wine labels for Anderson Fort in Heathcote, with plans to add some silver foil to make the bottle stand out on shelf. Next on my to do list is some smaller jobs, which I like to get completed before lunch so I can do some deep work in the afternoon.

After getting some air and sunshine (if it’s available) I have my lunch on the couch in the studio, taking a moment to relax and let my mind wander. Once I’m back at my desk with a full glass of water, I check in with the team to see how their day is going and if they need help in the afternoon. Then I start working on re-theming Great South Coast Food and Fibre’s website, including creating some new landing pages to promote their new ambassador campaign and program.

At the end of the day, I make sure everything is up to date in our project management system and my to do list is ready to go for tomorrow morning. I head home to a happy puppy and relaxed partner and start all over again!


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