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Much like our solar system, we rely on our team to collaborate and put the shine back in your business.

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Our qualified, experienced team are equipped with creative minds, fast fingertips and the latest technology. We take great pride in delivering creative, imaginative, diverse and engaging designs with flawless functionality. Just look at our smiling faces! Click on us find out more about each minion.


Not only in our design style but priding ourselves on being creative thinkers; thinking outside the box and offering new innovative techniques.

Creation is our jam. That’s what we want to do all day every day. To us, creativity means many things, from design to problem solving to what’s for dinner tonight. We are always looking to improve our processes, methods and our knowledge base to ensure that we are providing you with the best outcome humanly possible.


To us, evolution represents growth. Through positive mindset and behaviours, we motive, educate and inspire others, consequently growing ourselves.

Just like how average looking caterpillars turn into the most beautiful butterflies, we are here to watch you transform your business. Evolution will help you learn about new techniques, technologies and methods to inspire that expanse of growth. And you never know, we may just learn something ourselves along the way.


Our generosity extends beyond our time and resources, nothing brings us more satisfaction than to assist in the growth (evolution) of our client’s business.

This journey of growth that we can take you will be an investment for us as well as you. At our core, generosity allows us to connect with and understand our clients to provide them with the information they didn’t even know they needed! We won’t stop until we have exhausted all our resources to create something you absolutely love.


By bringing our resources together, we can connect with clients, building trust and confidence, valuing input and contribution at every stage.

We want to share our fun, after all we have so much of it to go around. Involving clients, other creatives and the guy next door is what moulds a project into something fantastic. Sometimes we can get bogged down in the detail and a set of fresh, stakeholder or non-stakeholder, eyes can bring something surprising to the table that might just work…


To create a lasting change in your business and nurture ongoing relationships.

Like we said, we are in it for the long run and we will not stop until you’re happy. Every relationship and every job is very important to us. We want to set you up for the future so that you can continue on your path of growth, hopefully bringing us along to marvel in your new found glory.


When we shoot for the stars, we intend to reach them no matter the challenge.

Boundaries are meant to be pushed and rules broken and we intend to push and break until we achieve the best outcome for you. We pride ourselves on maintaing a high standard for excellence in each and every way and just won’t settle for any reaction other than ‘mind blown’.



A creative agency exploring and expanding their universe to discover new design territories.

Through some brilliant creativity and not so bad technology (just kidding, we love you Apple) Geelong’s own creative agency, Evolution, aims to whip your business into shape and visually showcase the true potential of what you offer. We are passionate about aligning your vision with your snappy brand message, which we can help you create by the way, so that you are accurately represented across all platforms. Our mission is to ‘inspire the evolution of your business’. We do this by recognising the value and potential in your business, meaning we want to take you under our wing and help you be the best you.

As a creative agency, we strive to be an industry leader in visually aligning you to your mission and values. Boundaries are meant to be pushed and rules broken, and we intend to push and break until we get the right outcome for you. We are in it for the long run.

Our creative team works very closely (thank god for weekends) to make sure that everything our agency does is in line with our bible – the brief. Every step of our tried and tested process is carefully taken to ensure that we provide our best work every time. We want to be proud of every concept or finished job we release.

Growing a brand is a journey of evolution. We provide the essential do’s and dont’s that will make your journey so much better. Our passion for developing long term relationships isn’t just because we love to chat, we love to provide continued support from a place that really understands what you want. We like to think that we revolutionise not only the way that your clients see you, but also the way you see you.

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