Brand Creation

As a result of us being pros at our job, to cover all bases we have created several optional extras that help you (and us) understand your business properly and what it actually stands for. We are a one stop shop for all your professional brand development needs from discovering, or redefining, your vision, mission and values to establishing a wonderful name for your business.

Our founding director holds a number of workshops out of our studio and one of her favourites is the Vision Mission and Values half day where she assists people in finding that ‘ah ha!’ moment of nailing their brand statement so perfectly everything else just falls into place. This process will allow you to discover your brands’ personality, develop a punchy by-line and select the channels of communication your target audience will use the most.

We also offer professional identity development session where we get our analysis on and assess your business image and its presence in the market. This half day workshop is also run out of our funky studio in the heart of Geelong.

To complement our logo design package, we can create a detailed style guide for your brand so no one can stuff it up. You want a brand to be uniform and consistent so that no matter where it is, people know what it is. This style guide will be a set of standards for the logo and how it is applied to different collateral. You will get a lovely colour palette with your base brand colours and possibly a secondary range to complement your brand.

We are all about making you look good no matter where you are seen so if any of these professional brand development packages are appealing to you and would benefit your brand in some way, please get in contact with us to discuss the possibilities.

brand creation

what you’ll get

Defining a Vision, Values
and Mission

Discover the Brands Personality

Researching and Identifying the Brands Target Audience

Establish Business Name
(if required)

Develop Bi Line / Tag-line / Slogan

Select Channels of Communication (incl. Social Media)

Brand Manual Provided

identity development

what you’ll get

Assessment of the physical presence of your business brand

Assessment of the audio visual presence of your business brand

Half day Workshop facilitated by our Digital Strategy team

Branding Strategy Research & Report

competitor analysis

what you’ll get

How Your Brand Attracts / Intends to Attract Your Ideal Target Market

Competitor, Location & Community Research

Your Brands History, Credibility & Reputation

How Your Brand Reflects Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Investigative Report to Assist in Understanding Your Target Market

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