A Day in the Life Of… Natalie

Author: Evolution Design Agency
November 25, 2019

Working in the world of social media and digital marketing, it’s safe to safe no day is ever the same.

I start off my day with a quick drive from home to my parking spot and a stroll along the Geelong Waterfront to arrive at the office refreshed and ready to get started with the day’s jobs. After looking through my emails and a quick browse over Monday.com to see how I’m tracking on my current tasks, I create myself a daily ‘To Do’ list and set to work on planning the upcoming month’s social media posts for my client’s accounts.

After a morning filled with content creation and scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for inspiration, I’m off to have some lunch. Today, I was prepared and bought some leftovers. A big thanks to my lovely boyfriend, Ben for always cooking too much leaving me with some delicious butter chicken and rice, yum! After a quick walk in the spring sunshine, I’m back to the office to work on Google Ads and some blogging for the afternoon.

After making a few adjustments to the Evolution Google Ads account and conducting additional keyword research for another one of my clients, I get to work on drafting a blog based around Mental Health within the workplace.

Once the first draft is completed, I’ll send it off to Lisa to proof before sending it through to our client for final approval.

Towards the end of the day, I look at the list I created in the morning and check off everything that has been completed and note what tasks are still ongoing.

A quick goodbye to everyone in the office and I’m off for another walk along the Waterfront to my car and head home to my wonderful boyfriend and gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy Colby.

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