A Day in the Life of… Josh

Author: Evolution Design Agency
April 5, 2019

Generally, my morning starts with a nice walk along the esplanade of Eastern Beach on my way to the office. On this walk, I’m always listening to an insightful podcast which could be about Business, Marketing and Developing or even self-help ones such as ‘The One You Feed’ (I would highly recommend checking that one out!).

Once I’m in the office, I get my computer warmed up and ready and start thinking about the 3 main tasks or jobs I want to complete by the end of the day and then triage them. I check in with everyone in the office to make sure there are no additional jobs required of me and my day can now begin!

Before I start working away at task #1, I grab myself a coffee or a Berocca (trying to back off the caffeine) and choose a playlist from Spotify to get me in the zone. Music is a necessity for me, just ask anyone in the office, I’m always listening to music!

Once lunch time hits, I’m off to Coles to get a snack and drink while my ‘fitness inspired’ frozen meals defrost back at the office, my go to frozen meal is a Smokey BBQ Meatballs with rice and green veggies! Yum!

After lunch, I resist the urge to enter a food coma and cross check my emails and job board to see if any unexpected jobs have popped up, if not I get back into the grind of completing my 3 main tasks for the day. Towards the end of the day, I go through any jobs I’ve completed and send them off to Emily our Lead Designer to get a fresh set of eyes before I send it off to the client.

Once everything has been approved and sent off to the clients, I can get the amazing feeling of ticking those jobs off my To-Do list. After everything is ticked, I’ll spend some time before the end of day monitoring our clients Google Ads Campaigns to see how they’re tracking and if any improvements can be made on the fly. I’ll also do some researching and reading on the latest updates in Development, SEO and Google Ads.

Then back along the esplanade for a some more podcasts before heading home.

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