WordPress Training

All websites provided by us here at Evolution Design Agency come with full WordPress training.

If you’re not logging in to your website all that often to make changes, you may need a training refresher.

You’re not on your own! Book a training refresher session and become a WordPress Pro!

Your Training Session can include:

Training refreshment covers the following areas of your website (Dependent on your websites current features)

  • Review of your general website setup and architecture
  • Compliance check in all major internet browsers
  • Training refresher adding and editing your content
  • Training refresher on advanced pages functionality (including calenders and events etc)
  • Training refresher categorizing pages and blog posts
  • Training refresher of Photo Galleries (adding, removing and optimizing images)
  • Review Links (internal and external to your site including Social Media and other 3rd party locations)
  • Training refresher on Menus (adding and removing items)
  • Review of Call to Actions / Mailing lists / Opt In (both on your website and in MailChimp)
  • Training refresher of Online store – Adding items deleting items, shipping, email messages and more
  • Training refresher and review of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), via Yoast
  • Review of Conversions, where are you loosing your visitors
  • Training refresher and review of Google Analytics (how to analyze your website statistics, what is working, and what’s not)

PLUS: You can also take this opportunity to ask us to review all your current marketing material to ensure your brand is remaining consistent and in tune with your target market.

We will also provide recommendations for improvements if your website can benefit from additional tools to convert visitors to customers, increase ranking is search engine results, improve your user interface, ease of access, functionality and more!

The aim of the workshop is to have you walking away feeling confident that you have the tools and knowledge to edit your website with ease.

Contact us today to book your session.