Social Media & Content Marketing

social media mastered!

Ten Basic Steps to Developing a Social Content Marketing Strategy

Gain the tools to speak directly to your market!

You know you’re offering something great, and you’ve been trying to tell the world about it but they just don’t seem to be listening…

Maybe you’ve tried using Social Media to attract customers, but your not getting the results you had hoped for… Sound familiar? You’re not alone, this mentoring is just for you.

Session One – (2 hours)

1. Business Identity
Be inspired. Discover what your business stands for and connect with why you really ‘do what you do’

2. Create Raving Fans of Your Brand
Get to know and understand your customers. Discover what they really want from your business

3. So What’s Your Story?
Create connection with your audience. Let’s tell your brands story and develop your brands personality

4. The Key to Finding Your Audience
Find your market, where do they hang out in the digital world, lets connect with them

(in between sessions you will set-up your channels / social media pages, if you haven’t already)

Session Two – (2 hours) Matered social media

5. A Simple Strategy
Follow a simple, proven strategy that works to deliver your marketing message

6. The Social Media Key
Learn where most businesses fail on Social Media and how to ensure your business succeeds

7. Time Management
You’re a busy business owner, use tools to manage social media time

8. Create the Conversation
Receive engaging content ideas that we all like and connect with

9. Know Your Competition
Learn how to secretly monitor your industry

Some hot tips & tricks

Content Marketing is:
“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving protable customer action.”

The aim of the two workshops is to have you walking away feeling condent with your new online marketing

  • You will be supported and guided by Lisa and benefit from her 15 years industry experience
  • The mentoring isn’t just ‘theory’ we actually put into practice the tips and tools providing your
    business with immediate benefits
  • You will be inspired and equipped with the knowledge of how to best use the recommended tools and platforms most relevant and suitable to your specific business.
  • You will have a understanding of Social Media psychology and how it relates to your business, with this knowledge – where others fail, you can succeed
  • You will have created a platform where trust and connection can grow around your brand; consequently encouraging more sales conversions
  • Your brand will have a clearer, stronger message than ever before. Inspiring you and reigniting your passion for business

Total: 4 hours (2 x 2hr) Training Sessions (Includes Workbook)


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