Time Is Money

I do not envy the timekeepers at lawyer’s offices’, having to allocate 6-minute time blocks to each client correctly and accordingly. Although tedious, they ultimately get paid for every minute of their time – and shouldn’t we all? After all, we’re not here socialise, we’re here to solve problems and get the jobs done. Most […]

DIY Tuesday

Can’t do it. Not possible. Gee, that’s quite a job. Why don’t you… How about… All phrases we have heard way too many times this week. That and ‘why don’t you get your boyfriends to help you out?’ Now, you would think that a simple task like getting a beautiful custom desk made from a […]


SEO. What is this strangely familiar acronym and why do you need to know what it is? Although I have been in the design industry for a few years, a couple months ago I entered the world of web design and discovered the importance of this small word. Recently, I was in a meeting where […]

5 Mistakes people make on LinkedIn – Part two of series

5 Mistakes people make on LinkedIn: (Part Two) If you missed it you will find Part One (7 Basic tips you need to know about LinkedIn – Part one of series) here Once you’ve got the hang of the basics you’ll probably want to make sure you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t. So here are […]

7 Basic tips you need to know about LinkedIn – Part one of series

7 Basic tips you need to know about LinkedIn – Part one of series Most Business owners I speak to are more confident using Facebook to promote their business than LinkedIn. Here’s the thing, I don’t really like the acronym B2B or the suggestion that some of us only do business with businesses, let’s face […]

Why remarketing is the fastest growing form of digital marketing

Have you ever visited a website and then seen ads for that company’s website here, there and everywhere you look online? That is what remarketing is. Digital advertising has long been promoted as a cheaper, more measurable form of marketing. Unfortunately in some spaces Google AdWords can be starting at over $50 per click which […]